Interview a Realtor

How to Interview a Realtor

Are you concerned about how to sell your house in this real estate market? You should be! Many are saying that this is the most challenging real estate market since the Great Depression. Should you try to do it on your own with a "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO)? Should you try to list it yourself with a discount broker? Or, should you hire a Realtor? If you decide to hire a Realtor, how do you know who is the right person for you?

Step 1-  Understand the benefits of a professional Realtor!
A Realtor has experience selling homes! Your home may be the largest asset in your financial portfolio. Do you want to trust the sale of your home to just anybody (including yourself?). A Realtor can help you navigate through Local, State and Federal regulations, property disclosures, lead paint requirements (ALL homes must comply), HOA laws and requirements and keep you out of out of trouble! A Realtor has knowledge of the local market and can help you realistically price your home and negotiate offers, arrange for SAFE and secure showings of your home, thoroughly interview a buyers' lender, work with inspectors, negotiate addendums, arrange for repair contractors, meet with the appraiser, work through title issues, review your HUD 1, and represent you at settlement.
Step2- Determine the Realtor' s credentials.
How long has the agent been successfully selling houses? How many homes were listed and sold last year by the agent, in what areas and what price points! How many were listed and NOT sold last year! Is the Realtor Full Time or Part Time? What other credentials has the Realtor earned? Has the Realtor been published? Can the Realtor provide testimonials?
Step3-  Determine the Broker' s credentials.
For example, what is the market share of the broker in your area? What are the office hours of the firm? How are appointments scheduled? Do they have affiliated companies to assist with the sale?
Step4- Ask if the agent is willing to invest in your listing (spend his or her own money on advertising to get your house sold!)
Find out how your home will be advertised to procure as many potential buyers as possible. What is the realtors' internet presence? See examples of her internet ads. Are the pictures well done, are there virtual tours, is there detailed descriptive language about the listings? Is there a print ad campaign? Is there a direct mail campaign?

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