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Home Tips During Quarantine

Thinking of selling your home this year? Or just looking to give your home a refresh for Spring and Summer? Here are some easy tips and tricks and things to do to your home during the quarantine that will leave a lasting impression on buyers and your family!


-         Paint Front Door & Shutters. Tip: call ahead to order paint from Sherwin Williams for curbside pickup.

-         Powerwash Brick, Siding, Walkways, Patio, Deck & Clean Windows.

-         Caulk Window, Door & Flashing Joints.

-         Weed Garden & Freshen Up Landscaping.

-         New Front Door Mat.

Interior (General)

-         Sanitize All Doorknobs & Light Switches.

-         Update Smoke Detectors.

-         Scale Back Your Stuff! Marie Kondo It.

-         Organize Your Closets. Buyers will look in all of them! Keep stress low and do one at a time – even get your kids to help.

-         Touch Up Painting Walls & Trim. If you need to totally repaint, keep it neutral like SW Agreeable Gray or SW Softer Tan.

-         Clean Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans. Are they old and outdated? Replace them!


-         Upgrade Cabinet Hardware.

-         Clean Tile, Grout & Backsplash. Don’t Have One? Install One!

-         Deep Clean Appliances.

Living Rooms

-         Update Pillows, Blankets, Rugs & Décor.

-         Remove Excess Furniture/Clutter.


-         Remove Excess Furniture/Clutter.

-         See “Organize Your Closets”.

-         Update Throw Pillows & Artwork.


-         Remove Excess Items From Under The Sink. Only keep items you actually use. Make sure there is enough room to “hide” everyday essentials off the counters for showings (but keep them easily accessible). Tip: get baskets or shower caddies for each person’s toiletries to be easily hidden away.

-         Clean Tile & Grout & Redo Caulk.


-         Store Items Vertically & Neatly To Clear Floor Space. Get some stackable bins or shelving units.


-         Change HVAC Filter & Ensure Proper Function.

-         See “Scale Back Your Stuff!”.