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Staging your Home

Presented by Jennifer Gaylord & Josh Talkington of J&J Staging

J & J Staging offers full-service occupied and vacant staging solutions for real estate.

According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2017 Profile of Home Staging:

-         77% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.

-         1/3 of buyer’s agents said that staging a home increased the dollar value offered between 1 – 5% compared to other similar homes on the market that are not staged.

-         When staging a home, 29% of sellers’ agents reported an increase of 1 – 5% of the dollar value offered by buyers in comparison to similar homes.

-         21% of the respondents stated that staging a home increased the dollar value of the home between 6 – 10%.

-         39% of sellers’ agents stated that staging a home greatly decreases the amount of time on the market.

-         The most common home improvement item agents recommend to sellers was decluttering the home (93%).

       Joshua Talkington, co-founder and stager of J & J Staging specializes in vacant property staging. Joshua brings a unique perspective to staging, with a keen “buyer’s eye” from previous endeavors in real estate investment. He is able to look at a home through potential buyer’s eyes, visualizing a space’s full potential and then illustrating a stage in a way that will appeal to today’s buyer market. He is a Project Manager by trade, able to effectively create and inspire a shared vision for a home’s potential.

             Jennifer Gaylord, co-founder and lead stager of J & J Staging uses her diverse skill set in real estate and creative thinking in order to achieve successful home stages. As a licensed REALTOR® and Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), she is able to combine her knowledge and experience in local real estate markets with the creative thinking and trade secrets of the staging world to provide an ultimate package, one more valuable combined than that of either of its parts. Jennifer began staging vacant homes nearly a decade ago. Realizing staging isn’t necessarily synonymous with Real Estate sales, yet a service necessary to achieve a property’s full potential, J & J Staging was born.

             We realize selling your home can be stressful, tedious, confusing and down-right scary. Don’t know where to place and how to arrange your furniture? We do. Don’t know what to pack, what to keep, and how to make it look like those model homes you see? We know. What about that space you don’t use and don’t know what to do with? We have a solution. Don’t want to leave your home completely empty and sterile? We’ve got you covered. Our walk-and-talk sessions with occupied properties are customized each time. We don’t have a checklist or a script, we customize each session to you and what information you’d like to get out of it. After you organize a plan we can even come back in and help you stage your home with your materials or additional materials if needed.